Discover The Tips and Suggestions For a Proper Mobile Home Repair

Mobile Home Repair

Remodeling is a more inexpensive and economical alternative to buying a new home. Purchasing a new mobile home involves a lot, from removing the original home and making the necessary alterations for the new home to buying it and having it delivered and installed. Why go through all that trouble when a simple well planned repair or remodel can give your home a new lease of life and make it look as good as new? Repairing and remodeling your mobile home will also ensure that your home grows with your family, giving you more space and comfort as your family expands. Here are some tips and suggestions for a proper mobile home repair.

mobile home repair reviewsThe first thing you need to understand is that repairing a mobile home is way different from repairing a traditional home even though they may have some similarities here and there. The first step normally is to make a budget for your entire home improvement project. Determine what projects you can afford to work on as it would be unwise of you to start on projects you will not have the financial capacity to complete. If you’re working on a tight budget, then you can consider resurfacing rather than replacing items like cabinets, ceiling tiles and the paneling.

Repairing Your Mobile Home Kitchen

One good place to start your mobile home repair is normally the kitchen. Your kitchen can be transformed from the dull unattractive room with flowered wall boards and linoleum floors into an elegant and modern looking kitchen through a simple repair or remodel. For the floor, you can consider using a more attractive and longer lasting tile laminate. Add some paint or a new finish to the kitchen cabinets while for the cabinets, you can add a few cabinet doors and glass inserts to make them more attractive and bring a sense of freshness to your kitchen.

If your budget allows, you can replace all the cabinet doors and hardware and stain them so as to match your wall color as well. Painting your kitchen with a striking color like warm red or light green will also make your kitchen more trendy and appealing to the eye. You can also upgrade your kitchen tables and chairs by either resurfacing them or buying an entirely new set to match with the new look of your kitchen.

Repairing the Skirting Around Your Mobile Home

Repairing the Skirting Around Your Mobile HomeThe skirting around your mobile home is very important for energy efficiency of your home. In case you notice any holes, repair them as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. One simple and easy way to fix such holes is by applying a tape from the inside and then coating the hole using caulk from the outside. You can then use a paint scraper to smooth it and if need be, smooth it again and let it dry before sanding again. To match the color of your current skirting, you can use some colored caulk.

Repairing Water Stains in Mobile Home Ceilings

Replacing ceiling tiles normally poses a big challenge but one way of getting around this is by simply camouflaging the stain. There are a number of stain blocking primers in aerosol cans that come complete with vertical tips which makes overhead spraying very simple. When buying one, look out for quick drying formulas and one that is muted white rather than stark white to prevent the stained area from standing out with time. When the stain dries and the area still looks different, you can consider priming and painting the entire ceiling with a new coat.

Re-painting Your Mobile Home

Older mobile homes usually have dated wall panelling therefore it would be a very good idea to add a layer of paint or paper over it. To properly cover the panelling, you will need at least two coats of some good quality paint as well as a primer. To effectively cover the wall panelling, you can also use printable wallpaper which is typically thicker than the majority of the regular wall papers. Afterwards, you can add a coat of paint.

Repairing Other Fixtures and Features of Your Mobile Home

Repairing other fixtures and fittings of your mobile home can also be tricky. However, the tips below will greatly help you to get around this.

  • · Use fixtures and features meant for mobile homes only
  • · Remove fixtures and measures the holes before purchasing a replacement
  • · Carry along the existing hardware when purchasing spares because some may require special screws, nuts and tools.
  • · Shop from a mobile home supply store if possible

While some of these can be done by the home owner, you will to hire the services of mobile home repair contractors for some of the jobs. However, do not forget to use mobile home repair parts and not just general home repair parts when working on your home.