Finding The Best Mobile Home Repair Contractors

Tips for the identification of the best mobile home repair contractors written by: ALEXUS


It is stressful to find mobile home repair contractors because there are very few in the market. This is due to the fact that mobile homes are very different from regular homes, and are subject to a lot of abuse from gale force winds, high humidity, mold, precipitation, storms and ultraviolet rays. It is for this reason that, mobile homeowners should use the following tips, in the identification of competent mobile home repair companies.

Online searches

1. These are useful because mobile homeowners can get online reviews of the specific contractors.

2. This makes it possible to distinguish between mobile home dealers who provide quality services and those who are out to defraud clients.

3. The use of the internet also allows homeowners to check the accreditation given to mobile home repair companies by reliable associations like Angie’s List or Better Business Bureau.

4. Online searches are faster than physical searches, given the fact that, there are few professionals in the market dealing in mobile home remodeling and repair.

5. The presence of the profiles of the company and its employees on the contractor’s website are instructive off the need for online searches for contractors. This is because it allows homeowners to learn of the training and experience of the experts they intend to hire.


Mobile homeowners should ask their family members and friends about reliable contractors they have hired in the past. This is a sure way of getting a contractor with a proven track record in the field of mobile home repair.

Licensing of the mobile repair home contractors

It is necessary for the contractors under consideration to be licensed because it is an indication that they are recognized by the authorities for their competence. Mobile homeowners are assured of getting quality services that will exceed their expectations from registered professionals.


The contractors need to carry two types of insurance, which are liability and workers compensation. The former is to compensate mobile homeowners in the unlikely event that the staff from the contractor damage property in the course of their work and in cases of poor workmanship. The latter type is to compensate the repair company’s staff members in case hey are injured as they work, which prevents them from suing homeowners.

Communication skills

These are important because homeowners will be informed on the faults identified and the steps needed to correct them. Mobile homeowners will, therefore, understand their structures better, and will get an insight into what they are paying for.


Mobile home repair contractors should guarantee all their work in writing. This is a show of confidence in their ability to repair mobile homes. Guarantees protect homeowners from financial losses that may result from the contractor’s use of substandard materials or poor workmanship.


It is only after mobile home repair companies inspect damaged sections of a structure, that they should provide written quotes. This is to prevent the stalling of repair work, once it commences due to the need for additional funds that were not in the budget. The quotes should be broken down so that homeowners can understand how a contractor has arrived at the figures given.

A comparison should be made on the quotes given by different contractors to identify the best. While homeowners are inclined to select the cheapest, it is important to remember that it might be at the expense of quality. Selecting the most expensive quotes, on the other hand, is no guarantee that, homeowners will deal with the best repair company.


It is important for mobile homeowners to be patient and skillful when searching for mobile home repair contractors in order to get quality and affordable services.

Different Mobile Home Repair Parts

Mobile home owners usually do their own repairs. They might know how to do the repairs but they don’t know where to source the parts for the task at hand. Mobile homes are cheaper and ideal for low-income families. But most of them are made with lower-quality materials compared to traditional homes and this is why repair works are common.


Types of mobile home repair parts


There are two types of mobile home parts. These are exterior and interior parts.


Exterior mobile home parts


· Windows. Mobile homes usually have windows to ventilate it. Window screens are used to keep insects and other foreign materials from going inside the home.

· Awnings. This gives additional shade to mobile homes. Awnings are exposed to the environments, which makes them one of the most repaired parts of a mobile home.

· Doors. There are times when the owner of a mobile home needs to replace the door. They come in standard size but custom sizes are also available from mobile home dealers.


Interior mobile home parts


· Light fixtures and electrical works. These include busted light bulbs, electrical outlets, light switches and light switch plates.

· Sink and faucets. Plumbing of a mobile home is simple because of its small size. Most of the time, repairing the plumbing system involves replacing the kitchen sink. Just make sure that the fittings go with the existing pipes.

· Ceiling fan. The fan is used to keep a mobile home cool during the summer. Due to overuse during the hot months, it might bog down and needs to be replaced.

· Bathroom floor tiles. Repairing bathroom floor tiles of a mobile home is easy due to the small area they cover. Shower faucets are usually made of material resistant to corrosion and rust but they could develop leaks over time.


Sources of mobile home parts


Parts for mobile homes can be found at home improvement shops or hardware stores. They have wide range of supplies and parts to choose from.


There are also suppliers that specialize in mobile homes and RVs. Most often than not, they have everything mobile home owners need in repairing their mobile homes.


There are also specialty online retailers that carry mobile home repair parts. Customers can place their orders online or via phone and the parts will be delivered to their homes.


Measure before buying


It is important for the mobile home owner to get the measurement of the parts before heading out to shop for the materials needed for the repair. Parts of a mobile home are usually smaller than those found in standard homes. This would save them time of going back to the hardware to replace parts that don’t fit the home.


This is also true when buying furniture and appliances for the mobile home. Doorways are narrower and a wide couch might not be able to go into the home. Some items that come in smaller or mobile home sizes are doors, windows, cabinets, sinks, water heaters, and appliances.


If the mobile home owner is not a DIY person, then he can call one of the mobile home repair companies to help him with the task. The owner can contact several companies to get estimates for the job.

The Best Mobile Home Reviews

One of the perils of living in a mobile home is that, over the long run, they might come to be unlevel. In the event that left in this condition, an unlevel mobile home can cause your carpets to squeak or even twist, for routes to stay, or for breaks to improve along your roofs and dividers. Luckily, leveling your home is something that you can have somebody do or you can even figure out how to support yourself for the individuals who get a kick out of the chance to spare some additional cash. (as in mobile home reviews)

There are various explanations why a mobile home might start to twist, tilt or come to be unlevel, however the most well-known reason is an abundance measure of dampness underneath your home. Over the long run, this will cause the ground to diminish and will cause the squares underneath your home to sink or shift. An alternate normal issue is that the mobile home might not have been legitimately leveled or blocked when it was set up. Assuming that the home is dishonorably blocked or in the event that they didn’t utilize cement or hardwood under your home, when it was initially hindered, this can likewise cause the home to wind up unlevel.

There are numerous signs that can help you confirm is your mobile home is unlevel, yet its vital to push that these signs are no surety that an unlevel mobile home is the reason (they can happen for different explanations). In the event that you experience one of these issues, you might need to search for different signs that your home may be unlevel, before bringing in the neighborhood jack of all trades, or it may be a shrewd choice to put resources into a high caliber level and check the home yourself. (as in mobile home reviews)

A few signs that your mobile home may not be level incorporate:

- Sticking windows and entryways

- Water on the ledges or floors will rushed to one side

- Cracks along the dividers or over the roof

- Skirting has clasped along the outside of the mobile home

- Home has pulled far from improving blocks or steps

- Anchor straps show up detached

Provided that you think that you may need to level your mobile home, the first thing that you need to do is put resources into a quality water level and experience, weighing different focuses in your home and making note of any spots that appear high or low. This might as well turn into a part of your normal twelve-month mobile home upkeep. Recollect the old colloquialism that an ounce of avoidance is worth a pound of cure – figuring out that your mobile home is coming to be unlevel, when its still in the early stages, will keep the assignment of leveling your mobile home a much less demanding one and will spare you cash on conceivably unreasonable repairs.

Next, take a minute and think about how convenient you are. In the event that you’re new to mobile home repair or don’t like creeping under homes, you might need to think about procuring a proficient or having the neighborhood jack of all trades come and help you level your home. Notwithstanding, provided that you suppose you’re dependent upon the errand, you can even go about leveling your mobile home yourself. (as in mobile home reviews)

The most effective method to Level a Mobile Home

When you’ve utilized a precise water level and dead set where the unlevel purposes of your mobile home are, you’re set to need to uncover your inside stack of squares and start there. The inside ought to be your reference focus and you may as well then level the pieces moving outward starting there. Slacken the secure straps and after that get prepared to get a little filthy (I prescribe wearing some overwhelming obligation work gloves).

Moving to the core stack of pieces, set your jack on a safe base (plywood works best for this) and after that raise the take pillar until its level with this reference focus. Next, mallet your shims in so they will back the new level and you can then trade any shims or hinders that need to be settled in the first ever stack.

Working towards one end of the mobile home, you will slowly check levels and raise or bring down the mobile home as you have a go at, trading shims and obstructs as required. Recollect that its vital to check the levels at each of the different focuses, since leveling one part of your mobile home can cause alternate parts of the home to end up unlevel. Consider it like smoothing air rises from under a vinyl decal – you begin at the center and after that gradually smooth out to the finishes.

When you’ve leveled one end of your mobile home, you will then return over to the middle and plan to level the flip side of your mobile home. Rehashing the procedure over once more, slowly test the levels as you go and make the required repairs and changes as you achieve every singular zone. When you’ve finalized, utilize the water level at the end of the day and retest your mobile home to guarantee everything has been leveled legitimately. When it has, determine you secure your tie-down straps and you’re carried out!

Leveling your mobile home is a moderate procedure and it can deplete the better part of a day, especially in the event that you’re not encountered with the undertaking. Just take a breather and carry more than enough quietness along; it will be worth constantly and exertion when you figure the cash you’ll spare in the long run. Blissful home repair!

Different Ways Of Home Improvement

It has often been said that home is always the best place to be. Though some homes may seem similar, they are distinct and unique in their one way. This is because a home is created by those that live in it.

Every so often, you will find that those living within a home may need to create some improvements and changes. This is what we will focus on in this article and refer to as home improvement. Not all improvements or changes are expensive, there are different ways that can be adopted which are cheap and effective.

Methods of Home Improvement

There are several methods out there that one can adopt and opt for home improvement. As the world strives to go green’, the move to adopt eco friendly products has also risen. This would help in keeping the environment friendly and healthy.

This would also help in saving some money. Those that have tried these methods can attest to the fact that these eco friendly methods can help one in getting rid of expensive bills . Some of which include cooling bills, electricity bills, water bills and many others.

It is always advisable to begin your renovations from the kitchen. This tends to be the most important section of the home. And a good job would lead to positive comments from your guests.

Areas to Consider In Home Improvement

Storage space is very crucial in the kitchen. Instead of buying new cabinets you could consider painting your old ones with your preferred color to give them a fresh new look. This will save you some money but also bring a fresh new look to your home.

Aside from the kitchen cabinets, one other area that is bound to be considered in home improvement is the floor. For natural flooring types, then cork flooring would be the most ideal option to take.

This is not only comfortable but also available in an array of colors. There are also eco friendly carpets that can be used even in the kitchen. They are made of recyclable material and are easy to clean.

This is work that can be done at a low and inexpensive way. If you are working with a limited budget and are still looking forward to having a good job done, then this is way to go.

Tips for Home Improvement

It may take years of detail to realize that the home may require some home improvement. Technology has fast advanced making it possible for people to get access to all sorts of information online. This would be the first place to check for some modern and recent trends.

There will be tips that are expensive and those that are not expensive. The secret to adopting tips that will work for your on distinct home is to go for those that best identify with your situation. Improvements may be in the form of renovations or even remodeling.

With the correct home improvement tips, there is so much that one can do to give their home a new and fresh look. It does not have to be an expensive exercise. This is because there are inexpensive ways available.