Finding The Best Mobile Home Repair Contractors

Tips for the identification of the best mobile home repair contractors written by: ALEXUS


It is stressful to find mobile home repair contractors because there are very few in the market. This is due to the fact that mobile homes are very different from regular homes, and are subject to a lot of abuse from gale force winds, high humidity, mold, precipitation, storms and ultraviolet rays. It is for this reason that, mobile homeowners should use the following tips, in the identification of competent mobile home repair companies.

Online searches

1. These are useful because mobile homeowners can get online reviews of the specific contractors.

2. This makes it possible to distinguish between mobile home dealers who provide quality services and those who are out to defraud clients.

3. The use of the internet also allows homeowners to check the accreditation given to mobile home repair companies by reliable associations like Angie’s List or Better Business Bureau.

4. Online searches are faster than physical searches, given the fact that, there are few professionals in the market dealing in mobile home remodeling and repair.

5. The presence of the profiles of the company and its employees on the contractor’s website are instructive off the need for online searches for contractors. This is because it allows homeowners to learn of the training and experience of the experts they intend to hire.


Mobile homeowners should ask their family members and friends about reliable contractors they have hired in the past. This is a sure way of getting a contractor with a proven track record in the field of mobile home repair.

Licensing of the mobile repair home contractors

It is necessary for the contractors under consideration to be licensed because it is an indication that they are recognized by the authorities for their competence. Mobile homeowners are assured of getting quality services that will exceed their expectations from registered professionals.


The contractors need to carry two types of insurance, which are liability and workers compensation. The former is to compensate mobile homeowners in the unlikely event that the staff from the contractor damage property in the course of their work and in cases of poor workmanship. The latter type is to compensate the repair company’s staff members in case hey are injured as they work, which prevents them from suing homeowners.

Communication skills

These are important because homeowners will be informed on the faults identified and the steps needed to correct them. Mobile homeowners will, therefore, understand their structures better, and will get an insight into what they are paying for.


Mobile home repair contractors should guarantee all their work in writing. This is a show of confidence in their ability to repair mobile homes. Guarantees protect homeowners from financial losses that may result from the contractor’s use of substandard materials or poor workmanship.


It is only after mobile home repair companies inspect damaged sections of a structure, that they should provide written quotes. This is to prevent the stalling of repair work, once it commences due to the need for additional funds that were not in the budget. The quotes should be broken down so that homeowners can understand how a contractor has arrived at the figures given.

A comparison should be made on the quotes given by different contractors to identify the best. While homeowners are inclined to select the cheapest, it is important to remember that it might be at the expense of quality. Selecting the most expensive quotes, on the other hand, is no guarantee that, homeowners will deal with the best repair company.


It is important for mobile homeowners to be patient and skillful when searching for mobile home repair contractors in order to get quality and affordable services.