Different Mobile Home Repair Parts

Mobile home owners usually do their own repairs. They might know how to do the repairs but they don’t know where to source the parts for the task at hand. Mobile homes are cheaper and ideal for low-income families. But most of them are made with lower-quality materials compared to traditional homes and this is why repair works are common.


Types of mobile home repair parts


There are two types of mobile home parts. These are exterior and interior parts.


Exterior mobile home parts


· Windows. Mobile homes usually have windows to ventilate it. Window screens are used to keep insects and other foreign materials from going inside the home.

· Awnings. This gives additional shade to mobile homes. Awnings are exposed to the environments, which makes them one of the most repaired parts of a mobile home.

· Doors. There are times when the owner of a mobile home needs to replace the door. They come in standard size but custom sizes are also available from mobile home dealers.


Interior mobile home parts


· Light fixtures and electrical works. These include busted light bulbs, electrical outlets, light switches and light switch plates.

· Sink and faucets. Plumbing of a mobile home is simple because of its small size. Most of the time, repairing the plumbing system involves replacing the kitchen sink. Just make sure that the fittings go with the existing pipes.

· Ceiling fan. The fan is used to keep a mobile home cool during the summer. Due to overuse during the hot months, it might bog down and needs to be replaced.

· Bathroom floor tiles. Repairing bathroom floor tiles of a mobile home is easy due to the small area they cover. Shower faucets are usually made of material resistant to corrosion and rust but they could develop leaks over time.


Sources of mobile home parts


Parts for mobile homes can be found at home improvement shops or hardware stores. They have wide range of supplies and parts to choose from.


There are also suppliers that specialize in mobile homes and RVs. Most often than not, they have everything mobile home owners need in repairing their mobile homes.


There are also specialty online retailers that carry mobile home repair parts. Customers can place their orders online or via phone and the parts will be delivered to their homes.


Measure before buying


It is important for the mobile home owner to get the measurement of the parts before heading out to shop for the materials needed for the repair. Parts of a mobile home are usually smaller than those found in standard homes. This would save them time of going back to the hardware to replace parts that don’t fit the home.


This is also true when buying furniture and appliances for the mobile home. Doorways are narrower and a wide couch might not be able to go into the home. Some items that come in smaller or mobile home sizes are doors, windows, cabinets, sinks, water heaters, and appliances.


If the mobile home owner is not a DIY person, then he can call one of the mobile home repair companies to help him with the task. The owner can contact several companies to get estimates for the job.